Introducing SugarPixel

The world's first dedicated blood glucose pixel clock of BG readings and alerts!

CGM Display

Follow BG readings from anywhere in the world over WiFi.

Easily connects to Dexcom G6/G7/One+ Share, Libre Linkup 2/3 CGM, Gluroo, & Nightscout. Also, connects to CamAPS, Medtronic, Libre 2 FGM, and Eversense with additional set up. See user manual for more info.

Stop Sleeping Through Alerts

Customizable alerts with random audio tone and a vibration puck to help wake you every time.

Multi User Support

SugarPixel natively supports monitoring 2 users at the same time: perfect for households with multiple Type Ones.

Numerous Display Options

SugarPixel has multiple displays in mg/dL and mmol/L to suit your needs with color-coded glucose values.

Ready to Order?

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