Introducing SugarPixel

The world's first dedicated blood glucose pixel clock of BG readings and alerts!

CGM Display

Easily connect to Dexcom G6/G7 Share, Libre Linkup*, Gluroo, or Nightscout over WiFi to see blood glucose changes at a glance.

*Works with Libre 3 or updated Libre 2 CGM versions that do not require manually scanning the sensor to see your current blood glucose value.

Stop Sleeping Through Alerts

Customizable alerts with random audio tone and a vibration puck to help wake you every time.

Multi User Support

SugarPixel natively supports monitoring 2 users at the same time: perfect for households with multiple Type Ones.

Numerous Display Options

SugarPixel has multiple displays in mg/dL and mmol/L to suit your needs with color-coded glucose values.

Ready to Order?

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