From iPhone Cables to Custom Type One Products.

My daughter was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at age 12. Since then, the technology to simplify and improve her day to day management has been drastic. Transitioning from manually drawing and dosing with syringes and 5-10 finger pokes per day to Omnipod, G6, and Loop which now does 90% of the work has been nothing short of amazing. But with each new device or technology, there has been a new need introduced. All of the cases, holders, lanyards, clips, and bags that are needed to carry, protect, and use the devices and new apps and services to connect all of the technology together.

This brings me to my day job. I founded and own Fuse Chicken, an iPhone accessories manufacturer of indestructible metal iPhone cables as well as wireless chargers and powerbanks. This gives me access to software, hardware, and services that the average person does not have. We have numerous 3D printers, professional CAD software, and full factories that can produce nearly anything we can imagine.

Over the years, I have designed and built custom products to simplify my daughter’s day to day life so she could focus more on life and less on Type One. She had a 3d printed holder for her pen needles that kept them all together and protected inside her supply bag when she was MDI. When she was headed to a weeklong Wyldelife camp, she needed a better way to keep Phone and RileyLink with her and together easily. So I designed a slim RileyLink case that could fit inside an iPhone purse case that had an over-shoulder lanyard strap.

When the iPhone 12 was released, Fuse Chicken started working on products for the new MagSafe magnetic connector that allows cases, chargers, and wallets to magnetically attach to the back of the iPhone. The lightbulb went off that since my factory is building magnets already, I can utilize them for the world’s coolest RileyLink and OrangeLink cases.

Over the years, I have placed my designs on thingiverse and even used my 3D Printers to build custom cases and products for others in the Loop and Type One community. At most, these required a few nuts and bolts after being printed. But I have been creating more and more complex T1D products such as SugarPixel with fully custom hardware circuit boards and software. This is when the idea for CustomTypeOne was formed. It is part custom-printing service for the simpler products, part custom products company for SugarPixel and more complex products and software.

Since we are a small company and everything is custom built either individually or in small batches, please understand that an order can take some time. To print the MagSafe RileyLink case takes 5 hours just of print time. It takes another hour or more for setting up the material, cleaning the machine after the print, removing the build support structure around the print, post-precessing the print, assembling nuts and screws, preparing address labels, and packaging the shipment. There are also behind the scenes items such as sourcing all of the various components from the magnets to the sim tool. So I appreciate your patience after ordering. I will do my best to communicate the current estimated times for shipping on the product pages if it is expected to be more than 1-2 weeks.

It can be expensive to create new products for the first time. Many seemingly simple products cost hundreds of dollars just to build test after test while tweaking the design. The complexity of SugarPixel took this it into the thousands. If you would like to help support us with a donation, please use the PayPal button below.