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UK/EU Resident? Order Here

Unfortunately, the chip shortage has affected our ability to produce these as fast as we would like. So orders will be shipped in the order received as soon as we can build them as components arrive. If you order today, expected shipping is 4-6 weeks.

DIY Hardware Kit Version: The hardware kit will be shipped fully assembled with simple clock software installed. The kit ships with a US 2 prong USB A 2.1 Amp wall plug. If you use your own wall plug, it must be 2.1A or greater. The hardware kit is modifiable and firmware-flashable if you wish to install your own, SugarPixel, or other software onto it. See here or the User Guide. Installing new software requires you use a micro sd card with your computer or plug in a serial cable to for programming. More details are in the user guide..

Do you live in a country other than USA? We are only able to ship the DIY Hardware Kit internationally. You will only be able to checkout with this version in your cart. 

SugarPixel is a secondary glucose display and alert system for following your continuous glucose monitor. It is the world’s first  dedicated CGM hardware monitor with random tone generation audio alerts, vibration alerts for the hearing impaired, customizable display options, and native multi-user following.

Use SugarPixel for…

  • Hard to wake teens and college students transitioning to independent care.
  • Vibration alerts for hearing impaired and and dual audio-vibration alerts for heavy sleepers.
  • Displaying BG values from multiple T1D at the same time on a single device.
  • A quick glance from across the room or across the yard with the large display.

SugarPixel requires:
- Sharing enabled in the Dexcom App or a Nightscout site to read CGM data from.
- 2.4ghz wifi network. Your Wi-Fi router will need the ability to have separate 2.4/5ghz Wi-Fi names or enable a dedicated 2.4ghz guest network. In some very limited cases a router mmay not compatible but you can purchase a low cost traditional 2.4ghz router access point for usually $20-40 to utilize for SugarPixel.
- Micro sd card reader or slot in your computer to install software updates.

Audio and Vibration Alerts

  • Use custom values for your low and high alerts as well as custom time lengths for snoozing them with the snooze button.
  • Is your brain so used to your alert sounds that you sleep through them? SugarPixel helps prevent brain habituation with randomized alert tone generation.
  • Accidental volume changes are a thing of the past. The audio volume has no hardware button and can only be changed with the web configuration interface.
  • SugarPixel’s vibration alert puck With a 2M cable is perfect to have alerts that do not wake the entire house. It is also an added safety measure for the hearing impaired. The vibration alert puck can be placed under your pillow or attached to your headboard using 3M command strips.

Numerous Display Options

  • SugarPixel has multiple display options in mg/dL and mmol/L to suit your needs with color-coded glucose values.
  • The standard face displays BG, Trend Arrow, and Delta. Delta is the change + or - from your last reading.
  • Use low brightness with the BG and Time face to see your BG reading and current time on your nightstand.
  • The Color face utilizes the entire display to show a single color representing the BG value. This is perfect to see at a distance through the window while outside playing in the backyard, patio, or pool.
  • The Big BG face is useful for nightstand users who wear glasses or contact lenses.
  • See all display options in the User Guide.

Multi User Support

  • SugarPixel natively supports monitoring 2 users at the same time: perfect for households with multiple Type One’s.
  • We have even designed it to allow multiple SugarPixels to operate on the same network if you have more than 2 people you need to monitor.

Read the full setup and user guide here.

SugarPixel is only available for shipping within the USA because it is a Class II continuous glucose monitor secondary alarm system defined by the FDA under Code of Federal Regulations Title 21 Section 862.1350. Dosing decisions should not be made based on this device. The user should follow instructions on the continuous glucose monitoring system. This device is not intended to replace self-monitoring practices as advised by a physician.